Saturday, November 16, 2013

My Statement Chair



Do you have a favorite chair?  Does it make a statement about your style?  I have this one!   A couple of years ago I came across this beauty at a garage sale.  It was $2.  My husband was sure I had lost my mind, as it was pretty nasty looking.  But I had a vision for it. 
Luckily we worked and worked on removing the thousands of staples and all of the old yucky fabric, then we started over.  It cost $35 in new fabric, padding and cording. 
This week I was asked to show my Statement Chair and let others know about the Home Décor Resource at One Kings Lane.  They have a ton of information on furniture!  There are details on different styles, different periods, etc.
On their site, I learned that my chair is based on a 19th Century French design. 
(They have this beauty for sale through 11/17/13.)
It's been a couple of years since reupholstering this chair and I still love it!  It's definitely my Statement Chair.

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Tuesday, November 12, 2013

New technology, winter weather and mobility: key issues affecting our elderly

In today’s world, there are many issues which affect us all on a day-to-day basis. For most of us, they’re easy to cope with but this isn’t always the case for the elderly. As a more vulnerable demographic, these individuals need extra care and consideration at times and here are some of the key issues currently affecting them.

New technology

The rise of the internet and the advent of smartphones and other high-tech devices is well documented but just how does it affect the elderly? There is a split opinion here with some people feeling the elderly are resistant to change while others acknowledge that the systems have infiltrated all age groups; albeit in varying ways.

The key issue here is that a lack of education and financial support means not all elderly individuals can use these services to their full potential. Over in Australia, the state’s peak health group has issued a plea to telecommunication giants including Telstra and Optus to subsidise the costs of internet access for the elderly.

According to their research, people aged 65 years or over who have internet access at home are more likely to avoid social isolation by volunteering, being active in their local community and staying in touch with their family.

Unfortunately, despite the benefits, internet penetration figures for those in the upper age brackets aren’t as high as authorities would like. In Victoria, 43% of those aged over 75 years have internet at home – a figure which jumps to a staggering 98% for those aged between 18 and 24 years.

Whether telecommunications firms will get on board with this new idea or not, and whether it is something which begins to affect other nations including the UK, is yet to be seen but it’s certainly a key issue for those more mature in years.

Winter weather

A recurring issue for elderly individuals is that of winter weather. With numerous stories about energy prices and poor heating, not to mention tales about elderly people becoming confined to their homes due to wintry showers, it’s hardly surprising that this is being made a priority by those in positions of power.

The York Press recently reported on how changes to the city’s gritting network could leave elderly and disabled people trapped in their homes once snowy and icy weather hits. As much as 30 miles of road have been removed from the local council’s “primary” gritting list as part of measures to try and save £60,000 and this will mean they’ll only be gritted during severe weather rather than being treated in sub-zero temperatures.

Mobility and care

Another key issue for the elderly is undoubtedly over their health, mobility and care provisions as they age. Social care for elderly individuals has been a big talking point for the UK Government but local communities are also making it a key focus.

In a poll of Derbyshire taxpayers, care homes were one of the things which the community wanted prioritised as the council attempts to save a staggering £157 million by 2018 through spending cuts. This emphasises how local communities are putting the safety and health of their most vulnerable citizens first.

This could mean looking for home aids to increase access around properties and buildings – for items like stairlifts UK suppliers offer a great selection of options – or having more drastic renovations completed to widen access points to homes, add rails and supports and heighten key areas such as toilets, seats and beds.

Wednesday, November 6, 2013

CarpetRight Infographic

How the Rest of the World Sleeps - An infographic by the team at Carpetright Beds

LED Floodlights

No matter where we go there is always floodlights nearby whether that is in our own yards, car parks or football stadiums. The reason for this is because the floodlights themselves are powerful lights that can power large areas easily with few lights, whereas if it was a standard outdoor light it would take hundreds to generate the same volume of light. Many choose floodlights in their own homes as a security option to keep their homes safe against intruders as the light acts as a deterrent.

LED floodlights have many advantages; one advantage is that they have an extremely long life span; typically they can last up to 50,000 hours. The great thing about this is that they won’t have to be replaced as often therefore there will be a lower running cost so the extra money can be used on other things!

LED floodlights are an eco-friendly option as they use less electricity than halogen floodlights meaning you will save more money on energy bills and help the environment. The LED floodlights themselves can be altered to hit areas directly, for example if you need the light to focus on a certain section of your yard this can be done easily, whereas if it was a standard halogen light this can’t be done as the light inside them split so that they can cover a whole area evenly.

When choosing a floodlight you want them to be durable and sturdy, with an LED floodlight this is the case as they are made to withstand extreme conditions such as rain, snow and hail.

LED floodlights have been proven to emit better light than standard lighting therefore you don’t need as many to brighten up an area. This is great news as you will save on both energy bills and purchasing costs!

Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Getting your house ready to sell

So you’ve found the house or flat of your dreams and you’ve already started planning where you’ll put the furniture and what colour you’ll paint the walls. Now, all that stands between you and future domestic bliss is the small matter of selling your own property…

A quick sale is what you need, but the process of selling a property can be fraught with frustration and disappointment if you don’t observe some simple rules when buyers come to view. Follow these tips from LDG estate agents and you should be successful. Specialists in Soho properties, they’ve helped many homeowners make that all important sale.

By the time most of us decide to move, we will have fallen slightly out of love with our current homes. Lack of space, small garden, tired décor, limited parking: it’s easy to come up with a list of what’s wrong, but in order to sell your property you will need to reconnect with the reasons why you bought it in the first place.

Your first step should be to make a list of the things that attracted you to buy (make sure all these good points are reflected in the estate agents’ details). Remember the buzz you felt when you first walked through the door? What were the features that really stood out for you then and how can you maximise their impact for potential buyers this time around?

You’ll be familiar with your property’s worst features – that’s why you’re moving, after all – but you should try to look at them objectively. You may not have the time or resources to completely redecorate but there’s a lot you can do to hide the worst defects.

Has your spare room become a dumping ground? Then buy some cheap storage containers for your surplus stuff and conceal the rest under the bed. Possessions lying on windowsills or piled on top of wardrobes are a dead giveaway that your current property lacks adequate storage space, so clear up, and clean up.

Fix any outstanding DIY job – there’s nothing more off-putting for a buyer than to be confronted by a dripping tap in the bathroom, weeds growing out of the guttering or broken tiles in the kitchen. The message these unfinished jobs convey is that you haven’t taken care to maintain your property.

You may have been planning to replace that old kettle, toaster and bread bin as soon as you move, but the best time to purchase those items is now. Put fresh flowers in the hallway, clean towels in the bathroom and make sure that all the usual sights and smells of daily life (socks on the radiator, dog hairs on the couch) are banished.

Finally, even though you may FEEL desperate to make that sale, try not to show it. Don’t follow viewers around like a lost dog, give them some space to explore on their own (if you’re worried about security, make sure that any valuables are well concealed). Prepare in advance for buyers’ questions and offer them the answers that you would want to hear, especially when it comes to that all-important phrase: “We’ve always been very happy here”.

Saturday, November 2, 2013

Board and Batten up in the Mud Room--Part 2

Our friend's mudroom project is just about done!  She's spending all weekend caulking and painting.  And believe me, there's lots and lots of caulking and painting to do!  :)
When we started this project a few months ago, it began with her wanting to replace her back door.  It morphed into a complete overhaul of the room and it looks FAB!

 New drop ceiling.

  New insulation. 
 New tongue and groove pine on the ceiling, new light fixture.



This room was an add-on to her 100 year old house.  The old window needed to be replaced.

This is the view out of that window...
Yes, that view should not be covered up! 
New tile, new window in, new moulding, new green paint.

The benches and shelf in process.

Dealing with a 100 year old house adds some extra work.  The original walls are made of sandstone.  To secure the benches, special anchors needed to be installed into the sandstone.




 Adding the board and batten using spacer blocks to make sure everything was even.

Making it work around the light switches.

The new tile floor.

 The new pantry on the other side of the room. 
Here's the new room prior to the final painting and before adding hooks under the shelf.  The best part is that she and her kids love it!
When it's all complete, I'll be sure to share more.
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