Friday, October 29, 2010

It's on

Here's my ghettofabulous Buffy the Vampire Slayer costume:

{Yes, the "H" and the stripes are duct tape}

I had the boys home with me today and the stars aligned (i.e. they took their naps at the same time) and I got to work on sewing my costume.  The "pants"/ bodysuit is actually a shirt turned upside down...  The arms are now the legs and I sewed up the hole for your head.  The yellow "skirt" is also a $3 Michael's t-shirt and I stretched out the head hole for the waist and cut it off.  I use the leftovers to make another t-shirt long-sleeved.  It's ridiculous and the best part of the costume is the pair of scrunchy socks I'm wearing.   

{Argg just realized I need a scrunchy for my hair!}

happy Halloween!!!  And to learn the Thriller dance go here.
(SO worth it.)

xoxo, Lauren

Thursday, October 28, 2010

"Spooky" evolution charts

I've been loving educational charts lately and have been running into a lot of German ones.  I thought this vintage evoluationary chart "Abstammungslehr II" was perfect for the season.  Christian calls skulls "spookies" and is pictured below eating his breakfast:

{I've collected more topiaries on the table this Fall...  Look how unsuspecting they are sitting there.. Waiting to slowly be killed...   Ok, I'm really going to try to keep them alive.  I tried out lemon cypress -which I've killed before- because I've heard they're not too difficult.}

This chart was definitely used in the classroom as you can see from the old red arrows the teacher must have drawn:

...And... look who's walking!!! 

Justin started a couple of weeks ago and is definitely not going back.  Time to finish babyproofing!!
Happy Halloweeeeeeeeeeeen!!!!

xoxo, Lauren

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Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Halloween anyone???

Okay, I LOVE Halloween.  I always have.  When I was in preschool my grandmother made me a "Glinda" costume (from the Wizard of Oz)...  It was shiny pink with star sequins glued onto it.  I felt so pretty and special and wore it waaaaaay too often after that.  (Walk in the woods anyone?  Let's put on the Glinda costume!)

I've dressed up almost every year of my life (even in high school when it wasn't cool anymore...  knock Knock...  "Trick-or-treat!"   "Um, aren't you a little old??")  Yeah, so...  I get so excited planning costumes & parties and making sure everyone's got their costume covered.  (I've been known to make housecalls for those in desperate need of costume help.)  When I had Christian (at 25) it was a little harder to get into it but we stayed strong with a warrior party at our house...

{Just the girls}

And the following year we did superheroes...

Last year I was pregnant and we did a small "kids" party.  We didn't dress up ourselves, and it just wasn't as much fun.  It was definitely great to see the kids partying and Christian loved it, but I really missed dressing up.  (And to me, a night is only a perfect "10" if it ends in dancing.)

We usually start out at our house with a small pre-party & then get a limo into the city where we meet up with all of the other ridiculous people.

SO...  this brings to me to where we're at now.  We really debated and wishy-washed about doing something fun for Halloween this year.  It's so sad but we sort of didn't want to.  My best friends live far away and can't make it...  It's a lot of effort.  I barely got pumpkins outside this year.  It just feels like time is racing by and I'm seriously flying by the seat of my pants.  I read all of these beautiful blogs with creative ways to get your house ready for Halloween & table settings & on & on and I love them and plan on trying out the ideas myself but before I can get my act together, the event's upon me.  As we were driving to High Point & throwing the idea of a party around -pretty much thinking 'no'- we put on some music and before I knew it, my hands were in the air and I was dancing in my seat.  (Taio Cruz's Dynamite is really one of the best songs EVER and I fully blame it for the evite I subsequently sent out.)

I have no costumes... only a theme...  Cheesy Teen Horror/ Comedy Movies.  Dave's going as this guy:

{Best movie ever}

... and we're still loolking for a Keiffer.   And a nice curly brown mullet wig and some fangs...

I'm going as my childhood idol:

{hahahaha what does that say about me?}

Yeah, when I was 10 I taught myself the entire dance in the beginning of Buffy the Vampire Slayer and used to do cartwheels and sommersaults on the street while holding a stake.  (Issues much??)

So... we mustered it up for another year.  We were so close to not doing it but we just felt like that would be giving up and we're not ready for that.  I know it'll be fun, it's just the process of getting there that has me a bit exhausted.  It's also harder to convince friends and a few former troopers are done dressing it up now that they have kids which makes me so sad.   

Costumes for the whole family are on the agenda for tonight and we'll be breaking out the sewing machine.  I really am torn here.  It's hard to get into Halloween when you have kids.  Maybe we're not supposed to?? hahah  Is anyone else feeling this?  I envision getting crazier & crazier each year with a haunted house and over the top decor.. maybe murder mystery party...??  Is it too much.  What do you do?

And, if you want to get excited, go here and listen.  Anyone in the DC are going out Friday night?  We usually head out somewhere and are debating where.

xoxo, Lauren

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Monday, October 25, 2010


One of my best friends from high school has recently started a company with her husband called diaNoche , and a blog to go with it.  Her name is Veronica and the brand, diaNoche, is all about her versatile peices that you can wear both day & night. She's American {half-Italian (from her dad's side, like me!) and half Columbian from her mom's side} and since I can remember has dreamed of creating her own line of clothing that straddled all of her roots.  An artist, she graduated from FIT in New York and has gone after her dream. 

{Veronica El-Showk}

Here's a quick excerpt from a press release:
"diaNoche is a lifestyle brand that embodies the love of travel and art.  While living in New York, owners Veronica and Hedeer El-Showk traveled often for both business and pleasure to Morocco, Europe and Colombia. Inspired, Veronica started designing a collection of shirts with the vision of importing goods from overseas in the future. diaNoche's designs have a strong arabesque influence and are also inspired by the designer's Colombian heritage. The company's themes include everything from the ancient mosaics in Cyprus, to the salt mines in Bogotá and the intricate patterns of tribal North Africa."

{Veronica in a photo taken by her sweet husband, Hedeer}

Her passion for life & all things beautiful literally jumps off of the page at you from her new blog and I am so freaking excited for her & Hedeer!!!! DiaNoche's Fall & Winter line of designer t-shirts is debuting in a couple of weeks. 

{The beautiful logo she created}

Yesterday she came over to our place & I helped her out with a photo shoot.  Here's a picture I took of a little jewely tray we created for the background of one of the shots: 

{Those garden weeds come in handy!}

We shot all day to get her day/ night looks.  (Around 700 images...  and- you know how it goes- only a minute number of usables- especially with me as her model- but she got what she came for.)   She's an amazing photographer & we wanted some soft fresh day looks and some dark, edgy ones for night.  

{me, taking off the shoes...  oh how I love them, oh how I have no idea how she walks in them...}
We tried out some crazy stuff- including laying on my outdoor harvest table, (definitely not a use I'd ever envisioned for it) the concrete patio (brrrrr) and nighttime shots in my bedroom which definitely gave it a whole new look.  She 's now working on getting the images loaded & the website finished up and as soon as she does, she's promised me a giveaway for Pure Style Home.  I literally wanted EVERYTHING I wore yesterday.  The designs she's created are super-flattering and just honestly make you look good.  I was really skeptical when she asked me to be her model but truly, the clothes did all the work.    

{image by Veronica...  her friends' boots in Italy- how beautiful??}

At one point yesterday (well, at lots of points) we just started cracking up...  I think I was hanging out on a hide rug pouring tea from a beautiful tea pot with a pile of vintage quilts next to me...  really???  You definitely have to play a lot and take risks and feel stupid to get to where you're trying to go. 
But it was so much fun. 
At one point Christian came up to us, "What game are you playing?"
Veronica: "Photo shoot."
Christian:  "Can I play?
...So, although theres not yet a diaNoche kids' line, Veronica made sure to get a few good shots of Christian.  ...Who made sure to let me know that he loved my hair the way she'd done it (curls) but didn't like the "gray stuff" on my eyes and helped me wash off the eyeshadow when we were finished. {What a picky little man!}

So, as soon as she lets me and her site is set up for online purchases, I'll post some photos of Veonica's new line & we'll be doing a giveaway.  If you have some time, stop over to visit Veonica at diaNoche and say hi.  She's a brand new blogger & I know she'd love to hear from you. 

I'm so excited & happy for her and I know we're all going to be hearing a lot about her soon.

xoxo, Lauren

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Friday, October 22, 2010

My Vintage Peanut

{Our dining room server }

About a year ago, I came across a silverplated vintage peanut and snapped it up because it's one of those pieces that just makes me happy.  It's definitely not something to be taken seriously and adds a little fun anywhere it goes.  I've seen another 1 or 2 of them out and aboupt since then and just love them.

It's marked "F.B. ROGERS Silverplate."  The company was founded in 1883 in Massachusetts and is still in business today.  When I picked it up I thought it was such a cool piece and pictured reproducing it.  Well, you've heard the saying "there are no new ideas..."  Last weekend at High Point I walked into Go Home's showroom and there was my silver peanut!  Doppelganged!!  They're set to be retailed around $50 each.  Here's their version:

It's pretty  much identical except for the inside of the new peanuts are silver, whereas mine is gold:

{Yum yum...  see my reflecion in the peanut?}  I didn't have any peanuts to put inside so I went with almonds instead.

The peanut is set out on a little bar tray ready to be enjoyed with some Fall cocktails:

{Bar tray dressed with weeds from my garden in a vintage silver creamer}

What are your thoughts on reproductions?  I sway between loving the idea of having things more accessible and available to the idea of keeping things rare & unique.  I personally love finding my own treasures but it's not always a possibility for everyone...  Very torn.
Have a beautiful weekend!! 

xoxo, Lauren

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Wednesday, October 20, 2010

How I begin a project & the beautiful mess

A project always begins with some sort of inspiration.  When I first get into a new project with a client, after talking about generally concrete things like color, fuction, style and general needs & wishes, we dig a little deeper and think about how the room should feel. 

To me, the feeling in a space- the atmosphere, the mood- is what's most important.  Rooms can be happy, thoughtful, fresh, light, airy, clean, cozy, warm, moody...  (we could go on & on here.)  Sometimes we want rooms to inspire conversation & other times we want a quiet place to read & retreat to.  We really can't choose colors or finishes or furniture (or anything) until we know how the room is supposed to make us feel.  Clients are typically comfortable talking about colors and needs and style, but atmosphere talks don't always come as naturally because it's not something people tend to think about.  Yet it truly is the starting point.  I don't feel confortable making any design-related decisions until I know how a room should feel.

Once we've gone through the process, we can move onto some tangible inspiration. 

Here, my client has pale greeny-gray walls and an open brick fireplace.  Her home feels cool right now and she wants to warm it up without painting.  She loves reds and oranges and wants a warm, happy,"cozy," relaxed & comfortable space where she can hang out with her son and entertain.  It's going to be be pretty but people should always feel like they can put their feet up and stay a while.  Fabrics will be soft, comfortable & durable.  Her home is a 70s split foyer with vaulted ceilings & reminds me so much of my own house...  with these modern homes, the mix of old & new, classic & modern is a serious balancing act...  in our area, many of use live in these 70s houses because they're everywhere...   but we aren't ready to go 70s mod and filling these houses up with traditional furniture just doesn't work.  We have to walk the line.

We're putting in a new kitchen with dark walnut stained cabinets and the most beautiful vintage-looking handmade subway tiles.  Here are the two colors we're using for the tile by Pratt & Larsen:

When I found the tiles, the rest really fell into place.  They tiles were our literal starting points of inspiration because they work so perfectly- they'll serve to warm up the space while still working with the existing wall color and they create that modern-meets-patinated-thing we want going on- but our true point of inspiration was a feeling.   

One of the highlights of my trip to High Point was my good friends' Eddie Ross & Jaithan Kochar's talk about creating buzz for your business.  They mentioned the concept of a "beautiful mess" which I love so much.   The photo above is an example of a beautiful mess & Eddie's blog is full of them.  It's the starting point for projects...  all the bits and pieces that will go into creating something and when we see the "beautiful mess" we get excited for what's to come.  I realized that -like many of you I'm sure- much of my work starts with a beautiful mess.  My worktable is full of them and I love tweaking to them & adding to them until it feels right.  Once I'm "finished" with my clients' messes -that's relative, I'm always playing with them- they go into a carrying case so they can come with me anywhere- to clients' homes, showrooms, flea markets, etc. 

I wish I'd had a video camera with me so I could replay their amazing talk for you.  They're seriously such generous people and their presentation was so honest & real.  Eddie & Jaithan were both fun & witty as always and we got so much out of it.  they're awesome.

  {Eddie Ross, Traci Zeller, me, Maria Killam, and Jaithan Kochar}-  love you guys!!!

I'll be sharing hi-lights of my trip throughout a series of post...  there's just way too much to fit into one.  I learned so much & am honestly just in awe of this whole industry.  I was gaga over the goods we saw- the furniture, the fabrics, the showrooms, the lighting- yet it was the people who truly blew me away.  

xoxo, Lauren

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Tuesday, October 19, 2010

High Point: the tiniest post

We got back from High Point around 1 AM last night & I'm swamped, so as soon as I can get a spare minute (or 30) I'll fill you in on all the details about our trip.  All that I can really say right now is that I finally got to meet some of my favorite blog friends and it was just amazing.  We bonded.  It's incredible how we create these relationships online and then meet and just connect.  Below is a photo of a group of us out to dinner one night at the Proximity Hotel.  (I am still thinking about my food there. Really. )

Photo  {me, Traci Zeller of Traci Zeller Designs, Angela Williams of Giannetti Home, Benji Gaines & Liz Morten of Dovecote Decor, Bobby McAlpine (yes-  I blubbered...  I have never been so affected by a design book.  Dave's read his book too and was so excited to meet him.) Brooke Giannetti of Velvet & Linen, Maria Killam of Colour Me Happy and Dave (my husband ;)  ... Steve Giannetti took this picture and Dave & I are also totally in awe of him.  I promise to write more- I met & saw so many amazing bloggers, designers & good friends, and we're all exchanging pictures, so as soon as I can, I'll post. 

I missed my little guys so much so I'm off to hang with them!! 

xoxo, Lauren

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ps- And I have to mention that Traci brought a beautiful red tricycle that her twins don't use and gave it to me for Christian!!  After reading my post about our plastic one, she contacted me.  Does it get any sweeter?? I'm still in awe & so grateful.  Thank you Traci!!!!!  xoxoox

Thursday, October 14, 2010

The Osage Orange & then some

{image from Rough Ideas by Catherine White...  her pottery is gorgeous}

I might have found something I love more than mossballs.  (yeah, yeah, I read the posts, moss balls are so done- but I still love them ;)  Anyway, my client, Sandy, gave me some little green balls from the farmer's market, saying they would keep crickets out of the house, and they're so beautiful to me!

And they smell so good too.  Sandy had a plastic bag filled with them from the farmer's market and she had planned to place them around her basement to scare the crickets away.  She left them in the bag a day or so and before she even had the chance to place the balls around the room, the crickets had left! 

Sandy emailed me letting me know they're called osage oranges, so I did a little reserach.  (And by "did a little research" I mean I googled 'osage orange.')  According to wikipedia, they grow on trees and are not actually closely related to citus fruit but are actually in the mulberry family, called "Moraceae."

And how crazy is this:  "Recent research suggests that elemol, another component extractable from the fruit, shows promise as a mosquito repellent with similar activity to DEET in contact and residual repellency."  So not only are they beautiful & they smell good, but they really do keep bugs away!  I'm going to have to try to put some in the boys' playhouse shed because spiders looooove it.  (Last Fall, we had an insane spider crickets invasion in our basement when Eddie & Jaithan came to visit, so the first thing Jaithan asked me before they visited this Fall was, "Are they gone??" hahha)

The wikipedia article goes on to say, "The fruit has a pleasant and mild odor, but is inedible for the most part. Although it is not strongly poisonous, eating it may cause vomiting. However, the seeds of the fruit are edible."  hmm... so there goes the answer to my question of 'what do they taste like?'  I'll never know. 

It's interesting that most native animals don't use it as a food source because typically seeds are dispersed by animals.  "One recent  theory is that the Osage-orange fruit was eaten by a giant sloth that became extinct shortly after the first human settlement of North America. Other extinct animals, such as the mammoth, may have fed on the fruit and aided in seed dispersal.   An equine species that went extinct at the same time also has been suggested as the plant's original dispersal agent because modern horses and other livestock will sometimes eat the fruit."

{Image via Weird and Funny}

So...  after getting a couple osage oranges from Sandy and loving the smell (I have a wolf's noze & am really affected by smell... so much that I keep them on my desk just so I can smell them all day long) we were out driving this weekend and I saw what looked like a tennis ball on the side of the road.  I knew right away it was an osage orange and then looked closer and saw there were a ton of them all along the sidewalk near the park we were driving by.  Dave pulled over (gotta love him) and Christian and I hoped out after emptying the  "returns" out of a  plastic Target bag we had in the car.  I had to go into the woods to get to the pretty ones & got a bit scratched up but it was worth it.  (Christian did warn me, "Be careful mommy, don't get owies.")  Now we have a ton!!!  I couldn't even fit them all in this bowl:

And now I know I can get them every year!!  They're said to grow in the midwest and clearly they grow around Virginia too so keep your eyes peeled.  They're now all over my house, which of course called for me to do a mini photo shoot.  Here they are in the little shelf in our entry:

I love having such a tiny little shelf when we first walk in because there's only room for a teensy tiny amount of junk to accumulate.  (Eeeeek but that doesn't really stop us from using the floor.)

Right now on our storage bench I'm using the wrong side of a Calico Corners remnant:

{I don't remember the name but they still sell it & chances are Jan Jessup of CC will comment to let us all know-  thanks Jan! ;}

The photo is of my handsome father-in-law, John:

 He thinks we only put it out when he comes to visit but here's proof.  (Will that get me brownie points?? ;)

Lately I've also been loving this little creamer I found at a flea market which perfectly hides my messy wad of keys:

{Another "product" for my online store that I am keeping... oh boy}

Speaking of stores & what's up with me, here's the lastest.  I'm opening up an online store, "Pure Style Home" and am working on finalizing the web design and picking inventory.  I'm still having issues and my husband makes fun of me....  "HERE, PLEASE COME TO MY STORE....  I AM SELLING ELEVEN ITEMS.  OH WAIT?  YOU WANT THAT ONE?  NO THAT ONE'S NOT REALLY FOR SALE...  IT'S ONLY BEEN IN THE STORE FOR A WEEK.  PLEASE COME BACK LATER."  So yes, I'm definitely opening the online store but am still having issues choosing exactly what I want to sell.  I know many of you have inquired about the rugs and yes, I will be putting them in the store.  The 8x11 handmade wool antique look sun-washed rugs are in the $3,400- $4,000 range.

Now, I mentioned that I was going to be joining with with my friend Elise of the Loudon Design Center to have a Pure Style Home store open on the weekends and this has changed a bit.  Elise is still planning on opening the store the first week of Decemeber but instead of having part-ownership of the store on the weekends, I've decided that it might be better if she carries some of my pieces...  We're working on a line of fabrics & furniture and there will be one of a kinds too but the store will also carry a lot of other amazing companies like Hickory Chair & Sferra.  I would love to start this venture head-first and fully diving in, but I've realized that I really can't spread myelf too thinly.  I need my family time and I know having a store of my own with my name on it would take up way too much time & energy right now.  We're all hoping that having a separate store carrying a few of my things will be a good compromise.  We head to High Point tomorrow to square away some details.  So much is changing and so quickly, so I really don't know 100% what will happen, but this is my new plan.  ;)  I'll keep you posted

xoxo, Lauren

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ps- If you didn't get to see my previous post on Market, check it out & let me know if you're going!

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

To buy a fat pig...

Yes!  I'm going to Market, to Market!!  It's my first time so I'm a total newb.

For anyone who doesn't know about High Point Market, you can check out details here.  Since I've never been myself I really can't quite conceptualize it yet but it sounds like a city of trade-only design showrooms.  Really, a city...  No actually, the mecca.   14 million square feet of showrooms I think??  So it's going to be humanly impossible to see it all but I'm going to try to hit as much of it as I can.  My goal is to find some beautiful new (to me) companies to work with & I can't wait to see it!!  It's seriously intimidating to be honest, but right now I'm waaaay more excited than nervous.

Anyone else going?  I think a few (hopefully a bunch!) of bloggers are planning on meeting up for drinks one night so let me know. If you are going ,check out this post by Elizabeth Morten guest blogging over @ Velvet & Linen.  Does anyone have any recommendations for showrooms to visit?  Tips?  Events to attend?  Would love some advice!!

xoxo, Lauren

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Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Living with what you love

I'm sure you've heard the buzz in blogland about Monica Rich Kosann's new book Living With What You Love, but if you haven't, here's my take.  The book's underlying philosophy (Living with what you love) goes hand in hand to me with creating a home.  We see so many beautiful images of homes every day, but how many of them seem personal and special to the homeowners?  The ones that speak to me the most are the ones that feel real and loved like a "real" home.  (vs a showhouse)  The book addresses  such a simple but core issue in a hands-on way that makes you want to get to work on your own home right away.

{How adorable is this?  I might have to stuff my parrot and keep him there.. haha totally kidding!}

Ove the years, Monica, a portrait photographer found that her clients were also looking to her to help them find special ways to display the beautiful photos she'd taken.  Her "job" expanded and not only does she help families take photographs but she helps them fit them into their homes in ways that are personal & beautiful. 

It's the final layer, the accessorizing, where we can very easily inject ourselves in our homes.  I have so many photos I've saved over the years "to be framed" or "to be hung" or whatever.  Monica's book inspired me to finally get around to doing something with them.  Her book's full of creative ways to display family photos and special items.  I love the little pages of a photo album casually piled on the table below:

Living With What You Love was so great to sit down with and inspired a few projects in our own home that I can't wait to get started with...  One of them being a hallway full of kids' art projects and family photos.  The hallway leading to our bedrooms is & has been totally blah since we moved in.  We addressed most of the main areas in our house& now it's time for the hallways, and smaller spaces, which can make all of the difference.  I'm going to take my time with this one and I want it to grown over the years almost like a huge inspiration board.  

xoxo, Lauren

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You can click here to buy the book :)

Sunday, October 10, 2010

The Beads

After I put my new profile picture up last week, I got a few emails asking me about my wooden beads.  They're by Kayce Hughes, one of our super-talented sponsors, and are my absolute favorite.  I wear them all of the time and they always get compliments.  I wanted to let you know that Kayce's having giving away the beads on her blog!!  Click here to enter.  If you don't know Kayce yet, make sure to read through her beautiful blog...  She's a successful fashion designer, mother to 7 beautiful kids and has a seriously stylish home... You'll love her. 

xoxo, Lauren

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Friday, October 8, 2010

Teensy Peek of a Client's Project

Remember this design plan for my clients Aimee & Dave that I showed you last week?

Well, the upholstered pieces arrived and look so awesome!!!!  Now, in a perfect world, everything arrives undamaged and flawless...  well, in real life, sometimes there are issues.  Aimee & Dave's custom sofa arrived with some damage so I'm working on getting it fixed with the manufacturers delivery company.  Have you ever heard the saying, "There's no such thing as a design emergency?"  Well, I have and for the most part have to agree...  no matter what, it's not a life & death situation and shouldn't be stressed over... BUT in this case, I have to admit that I totally felt sick to my stomach.  Luckily, Aimee's really understanding and was so excited with the look of the pieces that she sent me some pics. 

We still have to finish flushing out the plan with curtains, pendant lighting, pillows, art work, rugs (potty training right now ;) and accessories but I had to show you what it's looking like. Here it was mid-construction:

And here it is now:

I just LOVE the orange Thibaut fabric!!!  Oh my gosh.    I can't wait to see all of the soft goods in place!! 

Have an awesome weekend!!  Today is Dave's & my 5 year anniversary.  We're celebrating tomorrow. 

I can't believe it's been 5 years - it went by so quickly- and yet it feels like it's been forever in another way.  We met when I was 20, my junior year (his senior year) of college in English class.  He was this cocky guy from New York and I fell for him. hahaha  But seriously, any guy who can take this like a champ is my hero:

We've become "grown-ups" together and I couldn't imagine any of this without him. 

xoxo, Lauren

.... maybe not quite grown-ups yet...  but honestly, does anyone ever feel like one???

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